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Rhyannon Byrd - Edge of Craving.epub

Author: Rhyannon­Byrd Title: Edge of­Craving Series : ­Book 0 of­"Primal­Instinct" ­Since the moment­he'd first laid eyes­on Alia Buchanan,­the warrior known­only as Rhys had­been obsessed with­her. She consumed­his waking moments.­Tormented his­dreams. But, as one­of the few remaining­descendants of a­European dragon­clan, Rhys knew­there could never be­a future for a­monster like­him...with an angel­like Alia. Until her­father is murdered­and Alia's life is­in mortal danger.­Now, Alia and Rhys­must unite to find­some ancient crosses­that hold an unknown­power before their­enemies do. And once­those are in hand,­Rhys must figure out­what to do with­them...and his­forbidden attraction­to the women he'd­sworn to protect.An­eBook exclusive­prequel to Rhyannon­Byrd's Primal­Instinct trilogy!
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Rhyannon Byrd - Primal Instinct Prequel - Edge of Craving.pdf

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