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Grogoch by Joyee Flynn.torrent

Hash:­8630d5b08c01f254d265­12f95f4addfdffec2af5­ Torrent Name:­Grogoch by Joyee­Flynn Created:­2013-12-14­15:14:02 Tags:­Books Size: 141.72­Kb Files: Grogoch -­Joyee Flynn.epub,­141.72 Kb
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Lust And Wrath (Anything Goes 03) - Joyee Flynn.pdf.torrent

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Unmated at Midnight - Joyee Flynn MM.pdf.torrent

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Marius Brothers series by Joyee Flynn MM romance.torrent

Hash:­4540146f180523cfc222­8bb6ae50f3ad396e6bee­ Torrent Name:­Marius Brothers­series by Joyee­Flynn MM­romance Created:­2013-12-14­03:53:32 Tags:­Books Size: 2.11­Mb Files: Gabriel ­- Joyee Flynn.pdf,­560.63 Kb A Very­Marius Christmas 6 -­Joyee Flynn.epub,­431.34 Kb Victor 4 -­Joyee Flynn.epub,­362.20 Kb Remus 2-­Joyee Flynn.epub,­235.95 Kb Micah 1-­Joyee Flynn.epub,­210.38 Kb Stefan 3-­Joyee Flynn.epub,­208.91 Kb Damian 5-­Joyee Flynn.epub,­146.99 Kb
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beyond the marius bros MM romance by Joyee Flynn.torrent

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Gabriel (Marius Bros #7) MM romance - Joyee Flynn.pdf.torrent

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Joyee Flynn Brio Grinder.torrent

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Elder and the Youngest Joyee Flynn.epub.torrent

Hash:­83e6d6da160c9c43b058­f3931b9d881dd31eca12­ Torrent Name: Elder­and the Youngest­Joyee­Flynn.epub Created:­2013-12-13­14:42:33 Tags:­Books Size: 143.30­Kb Files: Elder and­the Youngest Joyee­Flynn.epub, 143.30­Kb
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  • TechTV's Guide to Creating Digital Video Like a Pro by Deras Flynn
    TechTV­9;s Guide­to­Creating­Digital­Video Like­a Pro by­Deras­Flynn

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  • The Romeo Flynns-Masque Of Anarchy-2010
    The Romeo­Flynns-Mas­que Of­Anarchy-20­10

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  • The Romeo Flynns - Masque Of Anarchy 2010
    The Romeo­Flynns -­Masque Of­Anarchy­2010

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Joyee Flynn - RO.torrent

Hash:­76d918f9ccbff3aa8f28­aff6986df6be66cc535e­ Torrent Name: Joyee­Flynn - RO Created:­2013-12-12­14:33:50 Tags:­Books Size: 6.19­Mb Files: Joyee­Flynn - Resistant­Omegas 01 -­Tristian.pdf, 427.89­Kb Joyee Flynn -­Resistant Omegas 02­- Carson.pdf, 440.48­Kb Joyee Flynn -­Resistant Omegas 03­- Edric.pdf, 356.91­Kb Joyee Flynn -­Resistant Omegas 04­- Lennox.pdf,­413.91 Kb Joyee­Flynn - Resistant­Omegas 05 -­Dewey.pdf, 678.29­Kb Joyee Flynn -­Resistant Omegas 06­- Vencentio.pdf,­719.64 Kb Joyee­Flynn - Resistant­Omegas 07 -­Wesley.pdf, 528.07­Kb Joyee Flynn -­Resistant Omegas 08­- Brody.PDF, 557.99­Kb Joyee Flynn -­Resistant Omegas 09­- Romance Omega­Style.pdf, 566.79­Kb Joyee Flynn -­Resistant Omegas 10­- Sampson.PDF,­336.88 Kb Joyee­Flynn - Resistant­Omegas 11 -­Baptista.PDF, 363.50­Kb Joyee Flynn -­Resistant Omegas 12­- Gideon.pdf, 949.58­Kb
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Unmated at Midnight Series 1-8 Joyee Flynn epub.torrent

Hash:­bd97a7873b9493e1ccab­bdce8405f30a257383b3­ Torrent Name:­Unmated at Midnight­Series 1-8 Joyee­Flynn epub Created:­2013-12-12­13:16:53 Tags:­Books Size: 2.06­Mb Files:­ fangs_and_a_wet_nos­e_unmated_at_midnigh­t_siren_pub.epub,­488.91 Kb Joyee­Flynn - Unmated At­Midnight 7 - Leader­And The Writer.EPUB,­462.09 Kb Joyee­Flynn - Unmated At­Midnight 6 - Officer­And A Gardner.EPUB,­434.28 Kb Whiskers,­Mane, and a Biter­[Unmated at - Joyee­Flynn.epub, 187.11­Kb - Unmated at­Midnight 5 - Elder­and the - Joyee­Flynn.epub, 143.30­Kb Unmated at­Midnight 4 - Rumble­and Churr - Joyee­Flynn.epub, 139.62­Kb - Unmated at­Midnight 03 - White­Knight - Joyee­Flynn.epub, 136.17­Kb Two Wiggles and­Some Fur [Unmated at­Mid - Joyee­Flynn.epub, 117.64­Kb
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Beyond The Marius Brothers Series by Joyee Flynn (.ePUB).torrent

Hash:­beb64daf55afb5817a14­a25c2ae0fcf0deca6ddb­ Torrent Name:­Beyond The Marius­Brothers Series by­Joyee Flynn­(.ePUB) Created:­2013-12-12­05:00:58 Tags:­Books Size: 1.68­Mb Files: Joyee­Flynn - Beyond the­Marius Brothers 8 -­Elan.EPUB, 478.32­Kb Clove Sutherland­[Beyond the Marius­Brot - Joyee­Flynn.epub, 457.44­Kb 5 Maverick Danker­[Beyond the Marius­Broth - Joyee­Flynn.epub, 186.48­Kb Barnabas Leopold­[beyond the marius­bros - Joyee­Flynn.epub, 124.92­Kb 6 Ferris Braden­[Beyond the Marius­Brother - Joyee­Flynn.epub, 121.55­Kb Darcy Burke­[Beyond the Marius­Brothers - Joyee­Flynn.epub, 121.42­Kb Isaac Dragos­[Beyond the Marius -­Joyee Flynn.epub,­119.08 Kb Travis­Rhodes [Beyond the­Marius Brother -­Joyee Flynn.epub,­113.46 Kb
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Hounds of Hell - Avoiding Hell' - Joyee Flynn.epub.torrent

Hash:­1a006b6f9da5811b33aa­d7e4f468b867d8231b73­ Torrent Name:­Hounds of Hell -­Avoiding Hell' -­Joyee­Flynn.epub Created:­2013-12-12­04:56:37 Tags:­Books Size: 151.75­Kb Files: Hounds of­Hell - Avoiding­Hell' - Joyee­Flynn.epub, 151.75­Kb
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Joyee Flynn - My Little Kitty [Purrfect Mates 2].epub

Author: Joyee­Flynn Title: My­Little Kitty­[Purrfect Mates­2] [Ménage Amour­ManLove: Erotic­Alternative­Paranormal Ménage a­Trois Romance,­M/M/M,­shape-shifters,­public exhibition]­While at a party to­celebrate his­brother's return­home, Trey Donovan­smells his mate in­the crowd. Addison­Cambell is a­werewolf from the­local pack. Still­hanging on to his­ex-boyfriend,­Addison isn't ready­to let go and accept­Trey into his heart.­After realizing his­new mate still holds­a torch for his ex,­Trey leaves with a­broken heart and­decides to move on­and start a new life­without Addison. But­Trey gets more than­he bargained for­when furniture­shopping for his new­house. He meets his­other mate, Jasper­Knight. Still­mending from­Addison's rejection,­he decides to take­things slow. Can­Trey get over his­past heartbreak and­move on in the­relationship with­his new mate, or­will Trey imitate­Addison by allowing­past hurt to dictate­his new relationship­with Jasper? A Siren­Erotic Romance
Size: 269 Kb   Ext: .epub   Date added: 17 Oct 2013
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Joyee Flynn - My Angel Cheetah [Purrfect Mates 4].epub

Author: Joyee­Flynn Title: My­Angel Cheetah­[Purrfect Mates­4] [Ménage Amour­ManLove: Erotic­Alternative­Paranormal Ménage a­Trois Romance,­M/M/M,­shape-shifters,­vampires] Shem­Cowell has been­through a lot in the­past year. He’s­lost his parents,­his home, and is­still wanted by the­Hunters who took­everything from him.­To make matters­worse, as the runt­of his litter of­cheetah shifters, he­is completely blind­in his human form.­Curtis Booth is a­vampire whose­brother was involved­with the Hunters­that destroyed­Shem’s life. But,­from the moment­Curtis sees Shem, he­knows that the­little shifter is­his mate. He also­knows that he will­have to share his­mate with another­person, though he is­willing. Lt. Dieter­“Diets” Sheron­is a fireman— a­sexy, hot fireman.­He is also human.­How will they­convince him about­vampires and­shifters, much less­that he is their­destined mate? Will­the three realize­that together they­can overcome­anything or will­they let their past­force them apart? A­Siren Erotic Romance
Size: 212 Kb   Ext: .epub   Date added: 17 Oct 2013
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Joyee Flynn - Dragon Ours [North American Dragon 2].epub

Author: Joyee­Flynn Title: Dragon­Ours [North American­Dragon 2] [Ménage­Amour ManLove:­Erotic Alternative­Paranormal Ménage a­Quatre Romance,­M/M/M/M,­shape-shifters, sex­toys] Sheriff Todd­Zelner thought it­best to use his­dragon abilities,­rather than his­badge, to break up a­sex slave ring. But­Todd, Gabriel and­six of their dragon­friends aren't­prepared for what­they find when they­raid the facility.­With more survivors­than anticipated,­each dragon decides­to take several home­to care for and­protect. While­freeing the men,­Todd catches the­gaze of the lightest­blue eyes he's ever­seen staring back at­him. As he releases­the broken, beaten­man from his cage,­Todd discovers he's­a mute who has­shared the cage with­two other survivors.­Dylan, Seth, and­Bryce are coming­home with Todd. Can­a dragon who's spent­over a millennium­alone find a way to­help three gorgeous­and abused men? A­Siren Erotic Romance
Size: 256 Kb   Ext: .epub   Date added: 17 Oct 2013
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Joyee Flynn - Dragon Mine [North American Dragon 1].epub

Author: Joyee­Flynn Title: Dragon­Mine [North American­Dragon 1] [Menage­Amour ManLove:­Erotic Alternative­Menage a Trois­Romance, M/M/M,­Dragon­Shape-Shifter]­Gabriel Panlong has­seen a lot over the­centuries but­nothing prepares him­for the sight of two­gorgeous men having­sex up against an­alley wall in broad­daylight. Instantly­turned on by the men­and the scene before­him, he feels guilty­for watching such an­intimate act.­Gabriel walks away,­only to hear the­sounds of a struggle­and smell the sweet­scent of blood.­Hurrying back,­Gabriel hopes the­two little hot men­he saw are okay.­Instead he walks­into five large men­beating the two men­he longed to join.­Dealing with his­mounting desire is­the least of­Gabriel's problems.­Learning that Neil­and Ryan were part­of an underground­slavering and the­abuse they suffered,­it's no wonder they­don't trust Gabriel.­But can he help heal­them as they heal­him of centuries of­loneliness? ** A­Siren Erotic Romance
Size: 288 Kb   Ext: .epub   Date added: 17 Oct 2013
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Joyee Flynn - Sheriff Found [Hiding Hounds 1].epub

Author: Joyee­Flynn Title: Sheriff­Found [Hiding Hounds­1] [Siren Classic­ManLove: Erotic­Alternative­Paranormal Romance,­M/M, shape-shifters,­bondage, sex toys]­Mates are the stuff­of legends. But Toby­Walker doesn't think­things can get much­harder than they­are. Sent out into­the human world by­his pack to find­help, Toby is­shocked to find that­the legends might be­true when he spots­his mate. His only­problem is that the­sheriff thinks he's­just a cute little­beagle pup, and he's­sick with the­mysterious disease­that is killing his­pack. Sheriff­Randall Markins is­shocked when a­beagle pup pees on­his leg. He's even­more astounded when­he discovers that­the pup is a­gorgeous man that­says they've mated.­Randall has already­been through so much­in his life, and to­discover that Toby­has mated them­without his­permission might be­more than he can­handle. Can Toby­convince Randall­otherwise, or is he­doomed to live­without his mate?­And what about his­dying pack? A Siren­Erotic Romance
Size: 250 Kb   Ext: .epub   Date added: 17 Oct 2013
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Joyee Flynn - Victor [Marius Brothers 4].epub

Author: Joyee­Flynn Title: Victor­[Marius Brothers­4] [Siren Classic­ManLove: Erotic­Alternative­Paranormal Romance,­M/M, vampires,­demons] Victor­Marius has watched­as three of his­brothers and some of­their friends found­their mates. He is­happy for them. He­truly is. But, as­the oldest brother,­he had thought that­he would have found­his mate by now.­Malachi is half­demon, and he has­known nothing but­pain and horror.­Finding a chance to­flee the cave where­he's been a prisoner­since birth, Malachi­runs until the sun­and its harmful rays­take him down. When­Victor sees the man­lying on the side of­the road, he stops­to help but realizes­something's not­right. He's a demon.­The man may smell­like a demon, but he­also smells like­something else­entirely...Victor's­mate. Can Victor get­past Malachi being­half demon, and how­can a soulless demon­have a mate? ** A­Siren Erotic Romance
Size: 148 Kb   Ext: .epub   Date added: 17 Oct 2013
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Joyee Flynn - Here Kitty, Kitty [Purrfect Mates 1].epub

Author: Joyee­Flynn Title: Here­Kitty, Kitty­[Purrfect Mates­1] [Menage Amour­ManLove: Erotic­Alternative Menage a­Trois Romance,­M/M/M,­shape-shifters]­Avery Donovan has­escaped after being­held captive almost­thirty years. He is­injured and on the­run seeking refuge.­While making his way­across a ranch in­southern Montana, he­catches the unique­smell of his mates.­Alone and scared, he­decides to trust­fate and follow the­scent of his men.­Childhood friends,­Cord Hartwell and­Tyson Fitzgerald,­have spent decades­denying their­feelings for each­other until one day,­an injured saber­tooth tiger shows up­on their front­porch, shifts into a­gorgeous man, and­changes their lives.­Avery has­forty-eight hours to­convince them he is­their mate and claim­them, or he will­die. Will Cord and­Ty finally admit­their feelings for­each other and their­desire for Avery, or­will they continue­to deny their­feelings and risk­losing their chance­at happiness? ** A­Siren Erotic Romance
Size: 202 Kb   Ext: .epub   Date added: 17 Oct 2013
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Joyee Flynn - Remus [Marius Brothers 2].epub

Author: Joyee­Flynn Title: Remus­[Marius Brothers­2] [Siren Classic­ManLove: Erotic­Alternative­Paranormal Romance,­Vampires, Demons]­Remus Marius, a­demon warrior, grew­up knowing he had­the full love and­support of his­family. It defined­who he was.­Discovering his­mate, Noah, on a­mission to rescue­kidnapped vampires,­he finds that he­will need everything­he learned growing­up to convince Noah­he's worth the love­Remus wants to give­him. Noah Dragos­always knew he was a­huge disappointment­to his family. He­wasn't a warrior­like his father and­brothers. He wasn't­even a good vampire.­Hidden away and­ignored by his­family, Noah learned­not to rely on­anyone. When he's­kidnapped by demons,­he knows no one will­care. Being rescued­by Remus and mated­to him, Noah has to­decide if he's­willing to drag his­mate into the hell­he's lived in his­entire life or let­Remus find someone­more deserving of­being a warrior's­mate. A Siren Erotic­Romance
Size: 334 Kb   Ext: .epub   Date added: 17 Oct 2013
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Joyee Flynn - Baptista.epub

Author: Joyee­Flynn Title:­Baptista Series : ­Book 11 of­"Resistant­Omegas" ­Baptista just­can’t seem to get­a handle on things.­Life sucked as an­Omega but he knew­what being one­always meant…­Until they came to­the island and it­seemed fate just­wanted to blow his­life and everything­he knew all to­hell. Kelvin is one­of the perks of this­new life. They can­be honest about what­they feel for each­other and explore it­how they want. And­then there’s­Quilan, a man so­intense Baptista is­confused by, drawn­to, and comes alive­with him… All at­the same time.­He’s just afraid­he’ll get burned.­That leaves Meriel,­who’s so shy that­for once Baptista­has to make the­moves to seduce this­gentle giant. But­when the drama­isn’t over, more­secrets are­uncovered, and­Baptista’s powers­start spiraling out­of control, will the­men he wants stand­by him? Note: This­book contains double­anal­penetration. Note:­This book is written­in first-person­point of view.
Size: 465 Kb   Ext: .epub   Date added: 17 Oct 2013
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Joyee Flynn - Romance Omega Style.epub

Author: Joyee­Flynn Title: Romance­Omega Style Series­: Book 9 of­"Resistant­Omegas" Almost­two years ago­Tristan was claimed­by his inner­circle… No one­would have guessed­that such an­insignificant event­would be the­catalyst to change­everything. Worried­about the­consequences of­Boston last month,­the Omegas get­together to come up­with a plan B.­Sounds like the­perfect excuse for a­romantic escape.­They could all use a­break, and since­most of them have­never had a­vacation, they’re­all looking forward­to it. And then­they realize how­silly that was.­Nothing ever goes­according to plan­and their lives are­always full of­chaos. Why would­their vacation be­any different? With­all the added­outside pressure now­and trying to juggle­the feelings of four­people in each­mating, fights are­breaking out. Will­some of them return­home no longer mated­or will love win­out? And what’s­the big holiday­surprise? Note:­This book is written­in first-person­point of view.
Size: 466 Kb   Ext: .epub   Date added: 17 Oct 2013
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Joyee Flynn - Vencentio.epub

Author: Joyee­Flynn Title:­Vencentio Series : ­Book 6 of­"Resistant­Omegas" ­[Menage Amour­ManLove: Erotic­Alternative­Paranormal Menage a­Quatre Romance,­M/M/M/M, werewolves,­sex toys, HEA] When­Vencentio was­rescued from his­last pack, his life­was supposed to get­better. In a way, it­did, but being­locked up in a room­in the High Council­Estate where his­wolf felt trapped­wasn't the new life­he expected. Alpha­Carter Whelan shows­up to ask Vencentio­to join his pack­after the Omega­rules change, but­it's soon discovered­no one in the Omega­Network even knew­Vencentio was at the­High Council Estate.­Terrified and­wondering what sort­of trouble he's in,­the Omega runs with­Carter to Denver to­seek help. After­fighting with­Carter, Vencentio­tries to run and­ends up crashing­into Marlow, a man­with the prettiest­green eyes ever.­Later that night, he­meets another god of­a man, Galvin, who­offers him something­he's never had­beforee A friend.­But will Vencentio­be able to trust­anyone again? ** A­Siren Erotic Romance
Size: 414 Kb   Ext: .epub   Date added: 17 Oct 2013
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Joyee Flynn - Our Sexy Tiger [Purrfect Mates 3].epub

Author: Joyee­Flynn Title: Our­Sexy Tiger [Purrfect­Mates 3] [Ménage­Amour ManLove:­Erotic Alternative­Fantasy Ménage a­Trois Romance,­M/M/M,­shape-shifters,­vampires, bondage,­sex toys] After his­loser boyfriend­pushes him too far,­Kody Donovan decides­that he wants more­than just someone to­warm his bed at­night. When he meets­Conley Norton,­vampire and leader­of the west coast­covens, not to­mention walking sex­dream, Kody­couldn’t be­happier. Especially­when Kody finds his­other mate, the­equally hot and sexy­vampire, Marc­Rindge, hours later.­Kody thinks that­life couldn’t be­more perfect than it­is in that moment,­despite the danger­being the mate of­such a powerful man­entails.­Unfortunately life­is rarely perfect,­as Kody soon­discovers. Marc and­Conley have a­history together and­it's not one that­ended happily. When­the two men are­faced with having to­share the mate or­spend eternity­alone, they try to­be civil. But can­Conley overcome his­past relationship's­mistakes, or will he­repeat history with­Kody? A Siren Erotic­Romance
Size: 293 Kb   Ext: .epub   Date added: 17 Oct 2013
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Stormy & Flynn, Joyee Glenn - Mating Games.epub

Author: Stormy &­Flynn, Joyee­Glenn Title: Mating­Games Series : ­Book 2 of­"Delta­Wolf" [Menage­Amour ManLove:­Erotic Alternative­Menage a Trois­Romance, M/M/M,­Werewolves,­Vampires] Sebastian­Rule is a Delta­wolf, the enforcer­for his kind. When­word comes that a­rogue alpha is­holding a human­hostage, Sebastian­is sent to­investigate,­eliminating the­rogue alpha if­needed. His mission­goes horribly wrong,­and Sebastian is­captured. What he­finds when he wakes­up, though, changes­the course of­Sebastian's life.­The human that­inhabits the shed­with him is not only­the "pet"­of the Alpha, he is­also Sebastian's­mate. Before­Sebastian can rescue­his abused mate,­Dobry, they are both­set free by Alastar,­a vampire and­Sebastian's other­mate. The problem?­Sebastian hates­vampires. Stuck­between a mate that­is afraid of him and­a mate that he is­hesitant to claim,­Sebastian's only­choice is to run­with both when Alpha­Rodrick gives chase.­Can they learn to­trust each other­enough when Alpha­Rodrick finally­tracks them down? Or­will they lose each­other before they­realize what they­have together? ** A­Siren Erotic Romance
Size: 167 Kb   Ext: .epub   Date added: 17 Oct 2013
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Stormy & Flynn, Joyee Glenn - Chameleon Wolf.epub

Author: Stormy &­Flynn, Joyee­Glenn Title:­Chameleon­Wolf Series : Book­1 of "Delta­Wolf" [Menage­Amour ManLove:­Erotic Alternative­Menage a Trois­Romance, M/M/M,­Werewolves] Zac­Sheehan is a Delta­wolf, the council­enforcer, sent out­to eliminate those­that broke the­rules. It's a lonely­existence, leaving­him on the fringes­of werewolf society.­All Zac wants is to­find his mate and­live in peace. While­on a mission, Zac­finds the one thing­he's been looking­for all of his life,­his mate. Matt is­everything Zac ever­wanted in a mate,­loving, caring, and­drop dead gorgeous.­Zac couldn't be­happier, or so he­thinks. But as­another mission­looms, Zac discovers­that things could be­more dangerous than­he thought. The wolf­he's been sent to­eliminate is Matt's­other mate. ** A­Siren Erotic Romance
Size: 171 Kb   Ext: .epub   Date added: 17 Oct 2013
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Joyee Flynn - Sampson.epub

Author: Joyee­Flynn Title:­Sampson Series : ­Book 10 of­"Resistant­Omegas" After­being hidden away­for over six years­by his last Alpha,­Sampson doesn’t­know how to be­around people. He­hates to be the­center of attention­and mostly tries to­keep away from­everyone, getting­lost in his writing,­except for one­person… Who he’s­invisible to. Slate­spent most of his­time as a guard at­the Chicago pack­denying how much he­wanted Sampson­because of the­consequences of­giving in to­temptation. But­everything is­different now on­Lilleulv, right? ­has wanted Gareth­while in Denver, and­the feeling is­mutual. All they­need is a blond­firecracker to bring­them together. Both­Sampson and Calver­respond to­Gareth’s Alpha­personality, and­even Slate is a­welcome addition if­he could get his­head on­straight. But when­they try to­manipulate Sampson,­will he call it­quits, or is it time­for some­revenge? Note: This­book is written in­first-person point­of view.
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