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Soul Hunger (Ra s Chosen, Book One) mobi epub.pdf

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Soul Hunger (Ra s Chosen, Book One) PDF.pdf

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Marisa Chenery - Embrace the Hunger (Ra's Chosen, Book Four)

Author: Marisa­Chenery Title:­Embrace the Hunger­(Ra's Chosen, Book­Four) ISBN:­9781419931505 Book­four in the Ra's­Chosen series. Akori­wants nothing to do­with this whole mate­business. Some of­his fellow warriors­may have succumbed­to what Ra deems an­inescapable fate,­but Akori knows­better. If he can­avoid placing­himself in a­situation where­destiny can gain the­upper hand, he'll be­fine. No problem.­What he doesn't­count on is fate­showing up on his­doorstep. Jordan­didn't expect to­find the added bonus­of a­hotter-than-hell man­while out scouting­photo shoot­locations, but her­artistic eye knows­what sin in jeans­looks like, and this­guy is it. Used to­taking the backseat­to her models, she's­pleasantly surprised­when Akori looks at­her with hunger in­his eyes. But as­things heat up,­danger approaches,­and Jordan discovers­she must not only­accept Akori for­what he truly is,­but also save him­from a fate worse­than death.
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Marisa Chenery - Soul Hunger (Ra's Chosen, Book One)

Author: Marisa­Chenery Title: Soul­Hunger (Ra's Chosen,­Book One) ISBN:­9781419926761 Book­one in the Ra's­Chosen series. As­one of Ra's Chosen­warriors, Mehen must­protect mortals from­the undead who hunt­them. Gifted by the­sun god Ra, Mehen­has never struggled­with the task-until­he saves a woman­from three undead,­and finds himself in­need of saving.­Something about the­woman stirs him, and­he's consumed by his­need not only for­her body, but also­her blood. Blythe­may have been saved­by the mysterious­man, but her­reaction to the feel­of his arms around­her and the way his­eyes wander to her­neck don't make her­feel much safer.­When she's taken to­his headquarters­against her will,­she finds herself a­prisoner. But when­he unleashes passion­unlike any she's­ever known, she­realizes she'll do­anything to stay­imprisoned. But­Blythe is not who­she seems. And Mehen­finds himself in the­fight of his life to­save the woman he­loves from the evil­that yearns to­possess her.
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Marisa Chenery - Mate Hunger (Ra's Chosen, Book Two)

Author: Marisa­Chenery Title: Mate­Hunger (Ra's Chosen,­Book Two) ISBN:­9781419928932 Book­two in the Ra's­Chosen series. Set­is a warrior chosen­by the sun god Ra to­protect mortals from­the undead who hunt­them. That is what­he knows.­Unfortunately,­having watched his­leader, a fellow­warrior, succumb to­a destined mate, Set­also knows he will­someday suffer the­same fate. Set­doesn't need nor­want a mate. He's­just fine on his­own, thank you very­much. But when a­spitfire of a woman­is thrust into his­life, whose sole­mission seems to be­to knee him in the­groin and escape­every chance she­gets, he's­intrigued. A­lot. Desiree may­have lusted after­Set from afar for­months, but that­doesn't mean she's­going to go­willingly with the­behemoth of a man­spouting a whole­bunch of garbage­about immortality,­an ancient Egyptian­god and her destiny­as his mate. No­doubt he's two­bricks short of a­load. But when they­touch, passion like­she's never known­consumes her.­Perhaps he's not so­crazy after all . .­.
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Marisa Chenery - Reincarnated Hunger (Ra's Chosen, Book Five)

Author: Marisa­Chenery Title:­Reincarnated Hunger­(Ra's Chosen, Book­Five) ISBN:­9781419932762 Book­five in the Ra's­Chosen­series. Unlike his­fellow warriors,­Kysen already found­his mate-the woman­who stirred his­blood like no other.­But he'd been mortal­at the time. When­she died, he vowed­to never love again.­He feared the day­Ra's decree that all­his warriors take­mates would fall­upon him. How could­he spend eternity­with a woman he­could never love?­But when he stumbles­upon the spitting­image of her, he­wonders if his­beloved has­returned. Cena is­disappointed in men.­Perhaps reading too­many romance novels­has done her in, but­no man lives up to­what she's read . .­. and dreamed. For­years a faceless man­has entered her­sleep, filling her­dreams with passion.­Once she meets the­tall stranger who­stares at her with­longing, her dreams­come to life. Now­she wants him in her­bed. But once she­has him there, her­life changes­forever. Thrust into­a dangerous world­she never knew­existed, she must­cheat death in this­life to keep him.
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Marisa Chenery - Longed-For Hunger (Ra's Chosen, Book Three)

Author: Marisa­Chenery Title:­Longed-For Hunger­(Ra's Chosen, Book­Three) ISBN:­9781419930072 Book­three in the Ra's­Chosen­series. Denger is a­hunter, spending his­nights on the­streets of Phoenix­fighting the undead­who threaten­unknowing humans.­It's in his blood.­It's what he knows.­But a new knowledge­has taken hold. Like­other warriors­before him, he must­hunt for a different­kind of prey­altogether. His­mate. Once he finds­her, nothing will­keep him from­claiming what is­his. Nothing but­her, that is. After­the death of her­husband three years­ago, Nyx is content­to spend her­evenings at home,­wrapped up in the­vampire romance­novels she loves.­But when she­collides, literally,­with a man who could­have stepped out of­the pages of one of­her books, she­begins to think­living her love life­through romantic­tales may not be the­way to go. But as­with any good story,­there's a plot­twist. Once she­discovers Denger's­true nature, she­must decide if she­can risk her heart­and live a life­where truth is­stranger than­fiction.
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